Attention Business Owners Looking To Grow By Speaking, Networking, and Marketing


This checklist reveals 10 questions we’ve used with our clients to fill their calendar, events, & programs and has generates millions in sales.

WHY are so many business owners

not doing what THEY KNOW they should be??


Not wanting to sound stupid, pushy, incompetent… Not wanting to lose potential sales… Not wanting to tarnish their reputation… … Some biz owners become frozen with fear, procrastinate (or distract themselves with shiny object strategies so they can feel busy but deep down they know they aren’t really being productive – um hmmm. I see you.)

Learn the EXACT questions we've used to help our clients generate millions in sales.


Alexis Caldicott

Alexis Caldicott is an International Speaker, Messaging & Marketing Consultant that has taught thousands of business owners around the world how to strategically use their message & talents to get more clients & make a bigger impact.

Known as the “Queen of Education Based Marketing”, Alexis’ blend of psychology, sales copywriting, & education-based marketing has helped her clients gross millions of dollars in sales.

She graduated on the Dean’s list with Honors in Psychology & has been featured on NBC, Fox News, CBS, Boston Herald, and the magazine Think 7 Figures.

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